Seago FREERIDE Stand Up Paddle Board 10’6″

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The Seago FREERIDE SUP package offers everything you need to get on the water and start your new adventure - Ideal for use on oceans, lakes, rivers and bays.

Stand up paddle boarding is a great form of exercise, fun for all the family and is an excellent entry point to get involved in water sports. Perfect for traveling because these paddle boards are easily packed into the carry bag making transporting them no problem and the setup only take a few minutes so you can be out having fun in no time. Where will you go next?

Size: 10′ 6″ 280 Litre (320 x 82 x 15cm)

Package contents:
• Inflatable SUP


• 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle
• Ankle Leash
• High Pressure Pump
• Removable Fin
• Repair Kit
• Carry Bag


Additional Information:

Removable Fin - The removable high-density fin slots in the fin box with no tools required.

Ankle Leash - Stay connected to your paddle board at all times with this high strength leash. The leash is coiled keeping it tidy while paddling or surfing and has strong, comfortable Velcro strap for speedy fitting and release.

High Pressure Pump - This high pressure pump with gauge will inflate your paddle board to the correct pressure and get you on the water in no time.

3 Piece Paddle - Convenient and sturdy, this paddle is fully adjustable to accommodate people of different height. The blade is made from ABS with plenty of surface area to get you moving.

Carry Bag - Designed to comfortably hold the inflatable SUP and all of the essential kit need to get out on the water. The vented underside allows water out and air in to keep the kit dry. Can be used as a rucksack or carried with the top handle.

Anchor Point - The secure leash anchor point is located at the stern of the board. Conveniently out of the way while paddling or surfing.

Raised Foot Pad - For advanced paddle boarders the raised foot pad will give you support while carving in the surf and white water.

Eva Deck Pad - Diamond pattern 5mm EVA deck pad offers maximum grip and comfort while standing on the SUP. The deck pad covers a large area of the top deck.

Luggage Straps - Tough shock cord is used to allow you to store belongings while out on the water. The shock cord is attached to 4 strong and secure anchor points.

Drop Stitch Fabric - Heavy duty PVC laminated drop stitched fabric. This incredibly durable, tough fabric gives the strength needed to hold high pressure and stay rigid.

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