Seago Classic 190N Automatic Lifejacket with Harness

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The Classic 190 is Seago’s longest selling lifejacket. For over 25 years it has stood the test of time, not only in design but also reliability, specification and performance. The range incorporates the latest lifesaving technology that give excellent comfort, fast turnover in the water and high free-board to help prevent secondary drowning. The square neck design and integral lung and cover construction make this lifejacket one of the most comfortable to wear and repack once used. All Seago lifejackets come with thigh straps to prevent ride-up. Easy to fit and the quickest to rearm and repack.

  • 190N Buoyancy
  • Automatic Inflation
  • Integrated lung
  • Velcro burst mechanism
  • Square neck design
  • Seago Cylinder Safe
  • Double Crutch Strap
  • Harness
  • Whistle
  • 55-140cm chest size
  • Light can be retrofitted
  • Available in navy & red