If you paddle board you need to carefully consider which safety equipment you need. Whether or not to wear a paddle board life jacket or SUP buoyancy aid to keep you safe on the water is the most important of these decisions. To help you out we’ve put together 5 points to explain the what’s, why’s and how’s of paddle board (SUP) life jackets and paddle board buoyancy aids.


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There are various life jackets and buoyancy aids that can be used for paddle boarding. The type you need will depend on your level of experience and also the type of paddle boarding you might be doing. Below are our 4 recommendations which cover all bases for adults and children. Of course, if you have further questions and need assistance then feel free to contact us.

Best for comfort

Spinlock Wing 50N buoyancy aid

This is a low-profile buoyancy aid (sup), which is high cut and very comfortable even if worn for a long time. The side zip and type of foam means that is is quite a thing jacket which has a secure, snug fit and gives very good freedom of movement when paddling.
The front pockets are useful for any small items you might want to keep with you. The outside is of stretched mesh and there is also an internal one with velcro to keep anything in it secure.
This is a great jacket for all levels of paddle boarders.


  • 50N buoyancy
  • Low profile with low snag body fit system
  • Tapered high cut for action and mobility
  • Designed to be a snug fit, reducing resistance
  • Side zip
  • Stretch mesh outer pocket with internal security pocket
  • Dry coated elastic side panels to reduce water absorption
  • Monochrome style: Graphite Black, Mercury Red, Cobalt Blue
  • Available in sizes - XS, S, M, L and XL
  • CE certified and conforms to European standard EN ISO 12402-5


  • Good comfortable jacket for long periods
  • Good sized pocket for small items
  • Not too bulky
  • Nice short fit


  • The side zip is not as easy to do up, but there are methods to it and is the reason for some of the 'pros' above

Price: £58.49

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Best for value

Marine Pool ISO Active 50N buoyancy aid

A good, all round, cost effective buoyancy aid for SUP, perfectly designed for paddle boarders. Made of super soft PE foam, it is comfortable, flexible and allows good movement of the arms and body for paddling. The jacket is well made, tough, with the added bonus of being reversible.
This is an ideal entry level SUP buoyancy aid but will also work for intermediate level paddle boarders. It comes with front zip and both top and bottom ties to ensure it has a nice, comfortable, tight fit. It also has elasticated side panels for movement and comfort.


  • Unisex
  • Easy to put on 50N buoyancy aid for SUP
  • With front zip, adjustable waist-belt and top and bottom ties
  • Elasticated side panels
  • Robust tough polyester fabric
  • Colours: Navy and White
  • Available in 30-50kg, 50-70kg, 70-90kg and 90kg+
  • CE certified and conforms to European Standard EN ISO 12402-5


  • A good all-round jacket
  • Cost effective
  • Good quality
  • Perfect buoyancy aid for beginners and intermediate paddle boarders (SUP)


  • Not as short as the Spinlock jacket so not as comfortable if sitting down
  • No pockets

Price: £29.99

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Best for simplicity

Baltic Canoe buoyancy aid

This is a 50N buoyancy aid specifically designed for paddling. It is a simple over the head jacket with the foam front and back to keep the sides clear for freedom of movement. It has includes a waist belt plus crotch strap to keep it nice and secure to the body. It has some practical features such as the mesh pocket on the front to store small items for your time on the water. This is a good simple jacket for a paddler.


  • Unisex
  • 50N buoyancy aid for paddle sports
  • Adjustable waist-belt and detachable crutch strap
  • Reinforcement tape over the shoulders.
  • Robust tough polyester fabric
  • Colours: Yellow & Navy, Red & Navy, Grey & Black
  • For people weighing more than 40kg/6 stone 3 pounds (one size)
  • CE certified and conforms to European Standard EN ISO 12402-5


  • A comfortable all round jacket
  • Nice short cut at the waist
  • Lightweight
  • High Quality
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate paddle boarders (SUP)
  • One size means children won’t outgrow it


  • One size means you might get a more personal fit with another buoyancy aid
  • If style matters, whilst this looks good, the Spinlock might look a bit slicker

Price: £36.49

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Best for children

Marine Pool 100N Freedom life jacket

A sensible option for children as this is a life jacket (it preserves life) and not a buoyancy aid (only aids floating). It is ergonomically designed and is made of soft foam for flexibility.
The marine pool life jacket is comfortable, well made, pretty flexible and very safe. This is an ideal jacket to get children out on the water and having fun. There are adult sizes too, however, unless you're not able to swim, we would recommend one of the other options above for adults.
The jackets are self-righting, turning the wearer on their back automatically, along with a collar to hold the wearers head out of the water. They have a front zip with top and bottom ties to ensure a nice snug fit and a whistle to grab attention or call for help.


  • Unisex
  • Easy to put on 100N
  • Self-righting
  • Signal whistle
  • With front zip, adjustable waist-belt and top and bottom ties
  • Elasticated side panels
  • Super soft PE foam for flexibility and comfort
  • Robust tough polyester fabric
  • Padded collar for added next support
  • 3M reflex stripes which reflect searchlights to a distance of 1.2 miles
  • CE certified and conforms to European standard EN ISO 12402-3


  • Cost effective
  • It's a life jacket meaning it is extra safe - it will turn the wearer on their back and keep the head above water


  • Only really appropriate for children on a paddle board

Price: £35.99 - £45.99 depending on size

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Do I need to wear a lifejacket when I paddle board (SUP)?

You wouldn’t get on your motorbike without a helmet. You wouldn't drive your car without a seatbelt. And you shouldn’t go out on the water without a life jacket of some sort.
Life jackets save lives.
The type of jacket will depend on the activity, but they’re all designed to preserve the life of the wearer if they end up in the water.
For paddle boarding falling off is not guaranteed. But there’s a good chance you will, depending on your experience, and ability of course.
And the fact you’ll most likely be near to a shore or a river bank means you might need some assistance while you wait for help. Or assistance while you swim back to the paddle board should you come off.
man paddle boarding in the blue sea while wearing a paddle board life jacket

Am i legally required to wear a paddle board life jacket in the UK?

No. There is no legal requirement to wear paddle board life jackets in the UK. However, we would always recommend wearing one irrespective of your ability and experience of paddle boarding. Equally, your swimming level should not determine whether you wear one or not.

What sort of paddle board life jacket do I need?

We’ve used the term life jackets so far but in reality when paddle boarding you will most likely wear a buoyancy aid. What’s the difference we hear you ask?..well let’s explain….There are few phrases that get used when talking about life jackets: life jackets, buoyancy aids and pfd’s. 
PFD - is a collective term for life jackets and buoyancy aids. It means ‘Personal Floatation Device’. The phrase is used more widely in America and Australia than the UK and Europe. Read more about what a PFD is
Life jackets - are sleeveless jackets which are generally filled with air and keep the user afloat if they fall into water. They are primarily designed to keep the wearer face up and with their head above the water without the need for them to be conscious. Life jackets should also maintain the wearer in this position without any subsequent actions. Read more about what a life jacket is
Buoyancy aids - are to simply aid the wearers buoyancy in the water. Using a buoyancy aid assumes the user is able to help themselves either by swimming to safety or to tread water while assistance arrives. They are not classed as life saving devices like life jackets. Read more about buoyancy aids Read more about what a buoyancy aid is
For paddle boarding you will require a buoyancy aid which, as mentioned above, will assist your buoyancy when in the water. It’s most likely function will be to assist you if / when you fall off to swim back to the board and climb back on.
a blue paddle board life jacket sitting on top of a paddle board
Woman holding paddle board whist wearing a paddle board life jacket on a beach

What other things should I consider when buying a paddle board life jacket?

Now you know what type of jacket you need, there are a few things to check to make sure you buy the right one.
The sizing - buoyancy aids come in various sizes relating to the wearers weight (e.g. 70-90kg, 90kg+). It is very important that you buy the right jacket for your size so that it functions as it was designed.
The fit - The buoyancy aid should fit tightly so that it doesn’t ride up your body if you fall in the water. You don’t want it rising up or falling off over your head at the point you need it. However, you don’t want it so tight that it is uncomfortable. Struggling to breath will ruin your time on your paddle board.
The comfort - The buoyancy aid should be comfortable even after wearing it for a long time. It should give you freedom of movement and not feel cumbersome. Some buoyancy aids are shorter than others which can help if you want to sit on your board.
The extras - It might be useful to have some place to store items, particularly if you’re going on a longer adventure. Buoyancy aids can come with pockets which are perfect for stashing a few necessary items. If you’re only heading out for an hour then this might not be a priority, but it’s always worth considering.

The final safety check

Certified for quality and safety - All life jackets and buoyancy aids should be certified for their quality and safety by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They should also be CE Approved to indicate the product conforms to EEA health, safety, and environmental protection standards.
Remember the leash - Your paddle board will always have a leash. Use it. The last thing you want to have is your board floating off down the river or being swept away in a tide. The board is another important safety item you have in the water to keep you afloat. Make sure it stays with you.
Maintenance - Maintaining your life jacket is very important. It will make sure it performs as it should and will also help to extend it’s life.
  • If it’s been used in salt water, rinse the buoyancy aid with fresh water
  • Rinse off any mud, sand, dirt, stains and sun cream. Dirt can can develop into mould which isn’t very nice and can damage the fabric and foam. Cleaning it with washing detergent and a brush can be worthwhile. Never use chlorine based bleach or a washing machine though
  • After cleaning, let the buoyancy aid drip dry before stowing. Try not to dry the buoyancy aid in direct sunlight and do not dry using a tumble dryer as this can damage the foam.
  • Check for any damage or holes and that the buckles and straps are fully attached and work properly.
  • Store in a cool, dry place and do not store under heavy objects as this can cause damage.
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Our 50N buoyancy aids come in sizes related to the users weight. Please ensure the correct size(s) is chosen.


After selecting the size, click to buy and you'll be taken through a quick and simple checkout process.


Once we recieve your order, it will be processed and shipped quickly so you can get out on the water in 2-3 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, each year around 200 people drown in coastal waters around the UK and Ireland. Research shows that wearing a lifejacket can increase your chances of survival by up to four times if you're in cold water*. Therefore, wearing a well fitted, well maintained, appropriate lifejacket could save your life.

* Professor Mike Tipton, 2012.

The main aim of a lifejacket is to keep a wearers airway open by rotating them into a face up position with their head above the water. The orange jacket, or bladder, along with reflective tape is used to increase your chances of being seen in the water while a whistle is always included to attract attention in an emergency. A buoyancy aid assists the wearer in keeping buoyant either why they swim to safety or wait for help. They are not classed as life saving devices like life jackets.

A Newton is a measurement of force used to indicate how much buoyancy a lifejacket has. The higher the Newton number the more buoyancy it has. Generally speaking, the further away from safety and the more extreme the conditions, the higher number of Newtons will be required in your jacket for your safety. Our buoyancy aids are all 50N which is what most buoyancy aids are. Some specialised buoyancy aids, for white water canoeing for example, are required to be higher at 70N.

All our lifejackets and buoyancy aids are CE Certified and conform to European safety standards.

No, buoyancy aids aren’t designed to turn the user over onto their backs. They are purely to assist the wearer’s buoyancy when in the water.

Yes, there are options for different wearer's weight. Depending on the jacket, they range from 30kg through to 90+kg. Please make sure that you purchase the jackets which matches the wearer's weight accurately.

Our life jackets and buoyancy aids are made by Europe’s largest manufacturers. Orders are fulfilled from warehouses in the UK.

Buoyancy aids are most suited to activities where there is a high chance you end up in the water but assistance is very close, or you are able to swim to safety. This includes paddle boarding, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing etc.

Tornado Lifejackets are passionate about safety on the water. We want you to enjoy your activities with peace of mind. We therefore sell quality jackets that are affordable and accessible for adults and children. Our lifejackets are all from Europe's largest manufacturers complying to the highest standards for safety. This includes ISO accreditation and CE approval. Our knowledgable team of experts are always on hand to answer any water safety questions you may have.


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