Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket
Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket
Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket
Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket
Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket
Rated 5/5 by our happy customers

Designed for women

Baltic Athena 165N Automatic Ladies Lifejacket

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Baltic's first ever inflatable lifejacket developed especially for women! 

For a better, more comfortable fit and a slimmer vest the valve is placed horizontally under the bust.

Padded velcro gives a soft protective layer between the body/clothing and the easy to close waistband buckle.

It automatically inflates with a 33 gram Co2 canister and has a 5 year guarantee.


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“I love this! it fits my body perfectly and is comfortable to wear all day”

Gemma B

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3 reviews



Elle Tatton



5 May 2022

Fits me nicely


Beth Lewis



2 May 2022

Very comfortable jacket!





9 Apr 2022

Great service and quick delivery


ISO Accredited


CE Approved


5 Year guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, each year around 200 people drown in coastal waters around the UK and Ireland. Research shows that wearing a lifejacket can increase your chances of survival by up to four times if you're in cold water*. Therefore, wearing a well fitted, well maintained, appropriate lifejacket could save your life.

* Professor Mike Tipton, 2012.

The main aim of a lifejacket is to keep a wearers airway open by rotating them into a face up position with their head above the water. The orange jacket, or bladder, along with reflective tape is used to increase your chances of being seen in the water while a whistle is always included to attract attention in an emergency. A buoyancy aid assists the wearer in keeping buoyant either why they swim to safety or wait for help. They are not classed as life saving devices like life jackets.

Never wear your life jacket under any items of clothing as it could prevent the jacket from inflating.

The N stands for 'Newton'. A Newton is a measurement of force used to indicate how much buoyancy a lifejacket has. The higher the Newton number the more buoyancy it has. Generally speaking, the further away from safety and the more extreme the conditions, the higher number of Newtons will be required in your jacket for your safety. Our buoyancy aids are all 50N which is what most buoyancy aids are. Some specialised buoyancy aids, for white water canoeing for example, are required to be higher at 70N.

All our lifejackets and buoyancy aids are CE Certified and conform to European and UK safety standards.

Our life jackets and buoyancy aids are made by Europe’s and the UK's largest manufacturers. Orders are fulfilled from warehouses in the UK.

The jacket comes in one size and can be adjusted by the waistband

This life jacket has an automatic mechanism that will inflate if you go into the water

Yes, it is design and tested to turn the wearer safely on their back within 10 seconds.


Rated 5/5 by our happy customers

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