Top 10 places to paddleboard in Europe in 2022

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Top 10 places to paddleboard in Europe in 2022

If you’re looking for the best places to paddleboard in 2022, you can check out our global list here. But if you want to travel a little, but not too far then we’re sharing our top 10 places to paddle board in Europe. There’s something for everyone, all offering something slightly different, but all well worth checking out. In no particular order…

1. Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

Paddleboard Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Of all the places in Europe to paddleboard, you probably wouldn’t put the cold North Atlantic at the top of your list. And we probably wouldn’t in winter. However, the Emerald Isle is definitely one for the summer holiday list. The coastline here is incredible with rugged rock formations including the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO world Heritage site, plus beautiful estuaries, quiet stretches of river and even caves.

Tornado tip: Ireland is a great place to sharpen your skills on the waves. 

2. Balearic Islands, Spain

Paddleboard Balearic Islands

Spain as a whole is a great destination for Paddleboarding which lots of blue flag beaches all over the country. However, the Balearics is really where it’s at. The coasts of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are particularly stunning with clear blue waters, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines dotted with hidden caves.

Tornado tip: Fancy some adventure and privacy? There are many private, hidden beaches and caves in the balearics which can only be reached by sea. Please do so safely. 

3. Norwegian Fjords, Norway

Paddleboard Norwegian Fjords

For a different (and slightly colder) paddle boarding experience Norway offers something very unique but absolutely spectacular. Where else in the world could you paddle through raw, unspoilt landscapes, a UNESCO world heritage site (Nærøyfjord) with a chance of seeing seals, dolphins and whales. Further north, the Lofoten islands offer beautiful fishing towns amongst the breathtaking mountains with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Top tip: Pack your wetsuit!

4. Normandy, France

Paddleboard Normandy France

Famous for apple cider, The Bayeaux Tapestry and the D-Day landings, Normandy also provides a great spot for some serious paddleboarding. With some of Europe’s best waves, it might not be the best place for beginners but it offers a lot of fun. There are 640 kilometres of dramatic coastline to explore featuring low-lying beaches and spectacular cliffs. And after discovering the coast, what better way to finish the day than with fresh seafood washed down with Cider in a quaint, historic Norman town.

Tornado tip: With so much heritage in Normandy, make sure you spend as much time discovery the land as you do the water; Mont Saint-Michel being one of the most famous landmarks in France

5. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Paddleboard Lake Bled Slovenia

Slovenia is Europe’s country of water (and nourishing, healthy and clean water at that) with over 60 rivers, 300 artificial and natural lakes and 7,500 freshwater springs; so more than enough to paddle through. The country consists of perfectly pristine landscapes, mill-pond-like alpine lakes and slow flowing rivers. Lake Bled is a very instagram friendly, insanely stunning lake with a beautiful, small island in the middle.

Top tip: It’s worth checking out one of the thermal spas to soak away any paddling pains.

6. Greek Islands, Greece

Paddleboard Greek Islands

There are 6,000 Greek islands, 60 lakes and 12,000 kilometres of shoreline so you’re going to have a strong core and big guns after paddle boarding here. Most of the islands are uninhabited, the larger ones are well known but they all offer crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches whilst also being unique. Santorini provides volcanic scenery, white washed villages, blue-domed churches and lots of vineyards. Mykonos is more lively and allows you to expel the last of your energy in a beach bar or night club. It’s still very pretty with a quiet charm and a very good dining, as well as dancing, scene. Or Rhodes, one of the most popular Greek islands, which has spectacular beaches, sandy coves and crystal clear water. Along with historic, medieval towns and architecture. Of course there are many other great Greek islands worth visiting; 5,997 to be exact!

Tornado tip: Visit the town of Oia on Santorini for one of the best (and most famous) sunsets of all the Greek islands

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Paddleboard Portugal

Portugal is often called Europe’s paddle boarding capital and for very good reason. It has a great variety of water for all levels, all within easy reach of the capital. One of the most popular locations is Luiz Saldanha Marine Park which is around 30 miles South of Lisbon. It offers a once in a lifetime experience padding through turquoise waters containing 1,000 species of marine life, visibility of up to 20m and bottlenose dolphins as regulars.

Top tip: For something different, paddle board inside the Benagil sea cave on the Algarve coast. 

8. Jurassic Coast, England

Paddleboard Jurassic Coast Dorset

A UNESCO natural World Heritage Site, and the first in the UK, the Jurassic Coast is 96 miles of dramatic, fossil filled cliffs and beaches in Dorset. With many caves, beautiful clear water and maybe a Spinosaurus or two, it is a perfect location for being out on a paddelboard. You will also see many famous, eye opening geological landmarks including Old Harry Rocks, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and West Bay.

Tornado tip: For an unforgettable experience, paddle through the Durdle door arch.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paddleboard Amsterdam

What better way to do a city tour than by paddling through it! Amsterdam offers this with over 60 miles of 400 year old canals to meander through. You’ll have access to a whopping 1,550 monuments, beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, plus Amsterdam’s rich culture.

Top tip: The guided tours are great way to see the sights and also ensure you don’t get lost.

10. Zadar Archipelago, Croatia

Paddleboard Zadar Archipelago Croatia

The Zadar Archipelago is a labyrinth of over 265 islands and islets within an area of around 400 square kilometers. It’s an escape from the more touristy parts of Croatia such as the Dalmatian Coast, with turquoise waters, untouched nature and small fishing villages. This is the place to come for total relaxation and isolation.

Tornado tip: Visit Galesnjak (Heart Island), which, as the name suggests is a small, famous island in the shape of a heart. Perfect for a swim, a snorkel, and an instagram photo.


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