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A SOLAS lifejacket light is a safety light that attaches to a lifejacket to make the wearer visible, mainly at night. The lights have both automatic and manual functions so that they can be turned off in the daytime to save the battery if needs be, or activated automatically when the jacket makes contact with water. When on, the battery generally lasts for at least 8 hours. What is SOLAS and what is it in relation to lifejacket lights? A SOLAS lifejacket light is a lifejacket light which conforms to SOLAS standards.The International Convention for the Safety of Life at...

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Different countries will have different legal requirements for whether lifejackets are required on boats. But irrespective of what is written in law, we would always recommend that each person on the boat has a lifejacket which is suited to the activity and the wearer’s weight. More importantly the jacket should be worn and not only be available ‘just in case’. You can read more about the different types of jacket here > Are lifejackets required on boats in the UK? There is no legal requirement in the UK for anyone on the water for leisure purposes to wear a lifejacket...

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If you ride a jet ski, you need to wear a personal flotation device to keep you safe while you’re on the water. We’ve put together 5 points to explain the what’s, why’s and how’s of jet ski life jackets. Why do I need a life jacket for Jet skiing? You wouldn’t drive your car without a seatbelt, get on a motorbike without a helmet and you shouldn’t go out on the water without a lifejacket of some sort. Life jackets save lives. The type of jacket will depend on the activity, but they’re all designed to preserve the life of...

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Maintenance and care of your lifejacket is of the utmost importance. Doing so will extend the life of the jacket and ensure it performs as it was designed. If used in salt water, rinse the lifejacket with fresh water after each use. Rinse off any mud, sand, dirt, stains and sun cream. Dirt on lifejackets can develop into mould which can damage the fabric and the jacket's components risking reliability and performance. A more thorough clean can be beneficial using washing detergent and a brush. But never use use chlorine based bleach or your washing machine. Check the lifejacket for...

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Foam lifejackets A foam lifejacket, such as our 100N lifejacket, is made of buoyant foam which keeps the wearer afloat in the water. The foam is specifically placed to turn the wearer on their back if in the water face down, and the jacket contains foam around the neck in a supportive collar to keep the head above water. You can read more about our 100N lifejackets here Gas lifejackets Gas lifejackets consist of an outer cover with a florescent inflatable lung inside which fills with air from a small gas canister when the user falls into the water to...

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