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If you ride a jet ski, you need to wear a personal flotation device to keep you safe while you’re on the water. We’ve put together 5 points to explain the what’s, why’s and how’s of jet ski life jackets. Why do I need a life jacket for Jet skiing? You wouldn’t drive your car without a seatbelt, get on a motorbike without a helmet and you shouldn’t go out on the water without a lifejacket of some sort. Life jackets save lives. The type of jacket will depend on the activity, but they’re all designed to preserve the life of...

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Choosing the right lifejacket is essential for being safe on the water. There are a few factors to consider when deciding which one is needed. Activity The first thing to do is consider the activity you need the jacket for. This will quickly determine whether a buoyancy aid, a foam lifejacket or a gas lifejacket is best suited. There may be a slight cross over in some activities, but generally there is a jacket that is right for the purpose. If the activity is close to shore, where help is near and / or you can swim to safety and...

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Taking the children to the beach is a great way for everyone to top up on the vitamin D, splash about in the sea and generally have some fun in the sun. Whilst we don't want to ruin the excitement and anticipation of donkey rides, ice-cream and hot dog leg Instagram posts, there are some things you can do to make sure your family day out goes off without a hitch. Below are our top tips to having a safe and fun day by the water... 1. Safety first Try and use a lifeguarded beach, and when you do track...

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With lockdown easing and everyone desperate for a holiday, in the coming months it is guaranteed a lot of us will be heading to the beach for some sun, fun and relaxation. Whether we’re regulars at the seaside or newbies it’s always worth considering our safety while we’re there, particular if we’re heading down with children. This is our top ten list of things to do to make sure you have a safe time by the sea 1. Be water aware TidesTides in the UK run pretty regularly and therefore their height and times follow a timetable. Despite this, people...

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It's important to keep your eye on the condition of your lifejacket. You don't want it to fail at the critical point that you need it to work. Remember to also get it serviced inline with the manufacturers guidelines. Check the lifejacket for damage - Check there isn't any visible signs of damage on the lifejacket and make sure there aren't any rips or holes. Check the bladder is in working order - Follow the manufacturer's instructions to reveal the inflation mechanism and the oral inflation tube. Blow up the lifejacket using the oral tube and leave inflated overnight in...

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