How to check your lifejackets condition

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How to check your lifejackets condition

It's important to keep your eye on the condition of your lifejacket. You don't want it to fail at the critical point that you need it to work. Remember to also get it serviced inline with the manufacturers guidelines.

  1. Check the lifejacket for damage - Check there isn't any visible signs of damage on the lifejacket and make sure there aren't any rips or holes.
  2. Check the bladder is in working order - Follow the manufacturer's instructions to reveal the inflation mechanism and the oral inflation tube. Blow up the lifejacket using the oral tube and leave inflated overnight in a room with a consistent temperature. In the morning, if the bladder has lost pressure, take it to an accredited service centre for further tests before using again. Attempting to repair a lifejacket at home is never advised. Deflate the bladder by inverting the cap attached to the top of the oral inflation tube and pushing down on the valve at the top of the tube. Do not push other object into the tube as it may damage the mechanism.
  3. Check the mechanism - Unscrew the CO2 canister from the inflation mechanism and check it is in good condition; free from rust and corrosion. Weigh the cylinder on kitchen scales and make sure the weight matches the min. gross weight engraved on the cylinder itself, +/-2g. If it shows any signs of damage, is not the right weight or has been pierced then replace it immediately. On automatic lifejackets, ensure the mechanism is armed (it will usually display a green dot), screw the gas canister back on by hand and do not over tightened.
  4. Repacking the jacket - Repack the bladder and mechanism inline with the manufacturers instructions making sure that the manual inflation chord is free and accessible and not packed inside the lifejacket.

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Buoyancy aids
Buoyancy are simpler in their construction and therefore require less maintenance. However, to ensure it still performs as it was designed it is still important to check it regularly for damage. Check the condition of the buoyancy aid to make sure the foam isn't damage or has holes and make sure the straps are functioning and properly attached.

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